Amalia Marshall


Hershey Office

About Amalia Marshall

Marshall Real Estate Group was founded by associate broker Amalia Marshall. In the increasingly impersonal world of real estate, buyers and sellers are expected to stumble through navigating one of the biggest decisions  of a lifetime with little more than a generic online checklist and iPhone photos. Studies show those online estimators wrongly value homes by as much as 40%! There is no replacement for the focused, personal service and expertise Amalia and her team provide every step of the way.  

Amalia began her career 22 years ago, studying real estate, learning the landscape of the local market, and meeting people in her newly adopted home of Pennsylvania. She listened to what they wanted – honesty and integrity, a realtor who provides the information and support needed to make the hard decisions, not high pressure sales tactics, and respect and understanding for each client’s individual circumstances. 

Because of her client connections, Amalia has seen tremendous success in her professional career, and more tellingly, has made lifelong friends of her clients. She truly loves what she does, and her passion translates into amazing results for her clients.